Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Putting Toothpaste Back into the Tube

In my reading recently I happened upon a  phrase the author used to describe a  character.  He  wrote, "Lowell was educated beyond  his  intelligence."

My father used a similar  saying.  His comment would  have been, "Lowell has more degrees than a thermometer, but not sense enough to pound sand in a rat hole."

Why do I  bring this up?  Simply this: there is a vast  chasm  between knowledge  and  wisdom.

It seems to me that  we are  living in an age  of knowledge in which learning is prized  above  all  else.  That is not  entirely a bad  thing, but that which  we emphasize in  the learning process is woefully incomplete and entirely inadequate to the building of individual character  such that  the society  might function smoothly as an  integral  organism.  Witness  the  incivility of man to  fellow-man; the  uncivil reactions and the mob mentality of the  many who disagree  with "the other side."

What we will ultimately witness is the ripping asunder of the society, chaos, anarchy, and who knows what.

Is it too late to inject an emphasis on character development into the learning process; too late to  teach respect for the self and for  others?  I like to hope not.


Vee said...

The teaching of respect begins in the home. Unfortunately, many parents teach their children to be self-centered and to believe the world is all about them.

vanilla said...

Vee, your finger squarely on the root of the problem.