Sunday, February 12, 2017

Love Lifted Me

I have a computer the keyboard of  which is  laid out  in such fashion that the "Delete" button is directly above the "Backspace" key.

I had (I thought) a beautiful Sunday morning post prepared and thought to remove an unnecessary space in the text.  You know what  happened.

I cried.  (Well, almost.)

I did a web search in an attempt to learn how to recover a lost draft.  (Wasted the hour in which I might have rewritten the post.)

 I offer you this instead of spiritual guidance or inspiration.  (Because a laugh at my expense is all I can offer you today.  Enjoy.)

The title is the title of the original long-gone and forever-missing article.  Sing the song; it will give you a lift.


Grace said...

You could have used "undo" which would have worked in a variety of formats (Blogger, Word etc.) and if you have autosave in Word there would have been a copy of what you had written, even Blogger autosaves.

I found 3 songs with the title 'Love Lifted me' , they were different but they were all good...

vanilla said...

Grace, first, I lost the "undo" feature along with the post because I was writing in Blogger; second, I have no idea why autosave did not preserve the article, except that I did hit an external "delete" button, or so I though. See my next post as an accounting of what ensued.