Sunday, February 26, 2017

Humor and Negativity

It occurs to me that most of the world's troubles flow from humorless people.  In fact, it is my belief that all troubles are caused by people with no sense of humor but I cannot support that statistically.

Think of a handful of people whose behaviors and actions most influence the world, then in each case ask yourself, "Does she/he have a sense of humor?"  I bet that if the influence is largely to the negative you will have to answer, "No."

I am thinking of. . .  Nevermind.

I thought to write a piece on the influences of negativity in the world, but then I stumbled onto this piece.  It serves to express my thinking on the topic.  Click here.


Grace said...

I'm reading this and it makes me think immediately of the Dalai Lama - such a delightful man with a delightful sense of humor. I'm sure I could easily name humorless people but at the moment I just keep seeing the Dalai Lama in my mind's eye...perhaps it's my mood - it needs lightning up; I think I'll go read some Dalai Lama quotes - that should do it...

vanilla said...

Grace, a good thing indeed. Nothing much inspirational here today, but you have your source! Hope you found just the mood lightener you needed.