Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Abundantly Blessed

The love of stuff is the root of all clutter. --Problurbs 14:4


Lin said...

Oh my! You have a lot of treasures! So blessed!

vanilla said...

Lin, indeed. Suggestions that She Who Must Be Obeyed might store some items and rotate them over time always bring the "But I want to look at my pretties." We are blessed.

Secondary Roads said...

I agree with you problurb.

Vee said...

During the past two weeks I've been "ridding out" stuff. Each of my granddaughters and great-granddaughters are now owners of the dolls that have been a part of my collection for many years. Yesterday, while getting a box of stuff ready to donate to one of my favorite charities, I found two more dolls in storage that I had overlooked. Grrr. (Maybe they would look nice at your place.)

Now on to Hubby's plate collection. Do these things multiply in storage? That is the only explanation I can think of for all of those boxes of plates. Hubby surely would not have purchased that many. I like Rockwell, McClellan, and other great plate artists, but there comes a point when someone needs to cry, "Stop!" (Too late now.)

vanilla said...

Chuck, truth is immutable

Vee, no one is more deserving of your dolls than are your grands and greatgrands. My Significant Other, aka BBBH, of course finds it difficult to understand how one can just up and part with such treasures. Well, different folk have differing perspectives. I think she is concerned that you are getting ready for 'assisted living'. While we hope that is not in the near future, and I see no signs that you are ready for that, it might well be better not to have to deal with 'stuff' when/if that time comes.

Well, E liked his plates when he bought them and it is too late to cry stop.

Vee said...

No assisted living yet, but I would like to have some house help - especially a cook. Tired of that.

I'm just thinking ahead, knowing that things won't go where I want them to be unless I make it happen. Also, I'm not getting younger and my space is not expanding. What is the moral at the end of the ditty the kids used to sing? Oh, "Hare today, goon tomorrow." Ha!

The postage for all of the boxes I mailed came to around $125.00. Need those people to live closer to me!

vanilla said...

Vee, I wrote a very thoughtful response but the ether ate it.

Perhaps I should just call you.

"in the sea of life enisled, we mortal millions live alone" --Matthew Arnold