Thursday, November 24, 2016


This bird has been wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving since 2008.  First he was too scrawny to eat, then eventually he was too old to eat.  Yet he is still around, freeloading and having a scratching, squawking good time.  He knows now, I think, that the axe is no longer 
a threat and that he will ultimately die a natural death. barring a possible coyote.  But he is pretty wily.  The bird, I mean.  The Coyote is Wiley.

May the blessings of the Lord abundantly fill your life.
Happy Thanksgiving



Secondary Roads said...

Thanks and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

2.828b ? Or did I misread your symbols?

vanilla said...

Chuck, your arithmetic seems okay in a rounded rational way, but I just read it "2 radical 2 b square."

Grace said...


Secondary Roads said...

Thanks for the translation. I had a strong suspicion there was more there than I was seeing.

vanilla said...

Grace, a wonderful dinner with friends, no tough scrawny turkey on that table!

Chuck, sometimes I can't help myself.

Vee said...

My favorite Thanksgiving turkey!

I hope your day was wonderful.

vanilla said...

Vee, the bird has staying power. Who knows how long he may survive?