Monday, October 31, 2016

Still my favorite

I am making this an annual event.  That is how much I like it.  Hope you like it.
Today is Halloween.  It has become quite a big deal, commercially, that is.  Why, I would guess that the dollar turnover on decorations and partying is as big as Christmas.  Yet I don't think of Halloween as a holiday.  A day for fun and mischief, perhaps, but even the mischief has gotten carried away from fun into wickedness.

But that's not the reason for this post.

Here is the reason:  Wishing you a fun and safe good time on Halloween.  And,

inflicting on you once again my all-time favorite Halloween cartoon.  You are welcome.

Purely for your entertainment (and to keep you out of trouble) check out these rules for sharing your Halloween spoils.


Grace said...

Poop and baby ruth - a connection one makes regardless of what the baby ruth is wrapped in.

vanilla said...

Grace, happy halloween!

Lin said...

Never gets old...I still giggle too. Thanks for sharing.

Not my favorite day of the year. I have to take the day off work because everyone turns into a 5-year old at work and I can't get anything done. Okay...I am a curmudgeon....whatever. Can't we just work at work?

vanilla said...

Lin, my pleasure.

I liked your fb account of the 13-yr old smart-alecks, and good for you.
I took Halloween off from work starting 26 years ago. No regrets.

Vee said...

Some things are just funny and need to be repeated.

vanilla said...

Vee, good jokes are forever. Unfortunately, so are bad ones it seems.