Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Rehash and Rehabilitation

Scrolling through some old pictures I found this one entitled "Pillow and Vanilla."  Brought back memories, memories best covered with chocolate sauce, the pain not recalled.

The pillow was my best friend from the latter part of January through most of March.  It was given me by the caring staff members at IU Methodist Hospital following the open-heart surgery.

Why then am I dragging this forward into an October post?  Simply this:  memories and gratitude.  2016 has been the year that we hope to look back on through the mists of memory and say "It was all good."

From the January experience through August I went through four "surgical procedures."  Misty memories? I don't think about the pain anymore, nor do I feel it.  Gratitude?  I thank the Lord for his tender mercies, for healing, and for providing capable and talented medical professionals of the caliber I dealt with so frequently this year.

I was not much more than back on my feet until it started with JoAnn who was diagnosed with breast cancer in June.  She has had surgery for removal of the offending lump and today will have her eighteenth radiation treatment.  Projection:  two more after today followed by cancer-free health and wellness.

Again, thank you, Heavenly Father, for your tender mercies, for healing, and for providing capable and talented medical professionals.

We are blessed.

My Beloved Beautiful Better Half has a birthday tomorrow, 10/5.


Jim Grey said...

Holy wow, what a year you and your bride are having. But I can see that you're leaning into God and trusting that he is managing the outcomes. Here's hoping the skies clear ahead of you straightaway.

Secondary Roads said...

It has been quite the year for you and your BBBH. You have been much in our thoughts and prayers.

Grace said...

They say when given lemons make lemonade but don't forget the vodka - Y'all have had a difficult year (to put it mildly) and as Secondary Roads said, you and JoAnn have been almost constantly in our thoughts and hearts.

vanilla said...

Jim, thank you so much. What a blessing to be able to "lean" in such times!

Chuck, we very much appreciate the thoughts and prayers. I guess 2016 has been "interesting."

Grace, we thank you so much for your concern. We are blessed with great friends, some of whom we have never met!

Lin said...

It has been a year for you both, hasn't it? But...look at you! You are celebrating birthdays and doing things..and living life! That is wonderful, indeed. The option is to sit around and moan...which is NOT happening!

Blessed? You bet! Here is to health and happiness and faith. Love to you both.

Vee said...

There were many prayers in our household for you during your surgeries and recovery. So happy you are on the up side of all of this. Love you!

vanilla said...

Lin, no need hurrying one's demise; live until you die, I say.

Vee, we know and we are deeply appreciative. We soldier on!

Sharkbytes said...

Hopefully, this year will get you two all set healthwise for the next while on this planet. It's small potatoes compared to yours, but I missed the last step going down the outside stairs tonight. Did not fall or turn an ankle or anything. I quickly said a thank you- keeping my legs and feet in walkable condition is very important to me!

vanilla said...

Sharkey, thanks for the kind thoughts. But do be careful; there are many miles of trails beckoning. Happy for you that there was no damage. Watch your step.