Saturday, October 29, 2016

Now What?

The podiatrist examined my toe, advised me that a "procedure" would resolve my issue.

"So I need an operation?"

"Just a procedure I do right here in the office."


"Okay, it is an operation, but there is nothing to it."

"Do it."

My too-frequent visits to medical professionals this year taught me, and that early on, that "procedure" is the professional euphemism for "operation."  Dr. G stuck my toe with his needle while our banter continued a bit.  He left the room for a few minutes while my toe died.

The doctor returned, jabbed the toe in a few places, asked his assistant for his thingamabob.  Less than six minutes later the assistant was placing this beautiful bandage on the offended digit.

My sixth operation in 2016 encompassing the Me from head to foot!

Now.  We shall see.*

*a/o Friday night, toe looks good, pain-free.  Color me happy!


Grace said...

I'm sure both you and BBBH are going to be happy to see the back of 2016...

Secondary Roads said...

We have to keep up with the lingo if we want to know what they're saying. I've also notice that use of "procedure" is in ascendancy.

vanilla said...

Grace, yes; yet we are not "wishing our life away." Hoping for two good months to wrap it up!

Chuck, okay with me, so long as I know what the "procedure" entails.

Vee said...

You need to take a vacation from those doctors.

vanilla said...

Vee, much to be desired. The past several days it's been the dog doctor.

Lin said...

Oh gees. Is there any part of either of you that the doctors have not fiddled with this year??

Wishing you a speedy recovery...and the dog too.

vanilla said...

Lin, thanks for the good wishes. It has to seem that we have carped too much and we have, but we are still blessed and able to keep going!