Thursday, October 20, 2016

Evening Skies

 Good night, Sol.

 Far places await

 Good evening, Luna.


Secondary Roads said...

Nice collection.

Grace said...

I never get to see the moon even tho my living room faces West - maybe we aren't west enough?

vanilla said...

Chuck, I thank you.

Grace, this moon was to the east, nine p.m. five days ago.

Grace said...

I realized after I wrote that comment that just because the sun sets in the West doesn't mean that the moon rises in the West. As it must now seem obvious I know next to nothing about astronomy. Still we never see the moon from our location. Bummer.

Vee said...

Autumn beauty.

vanilla said...

Grace, I suspect my lack of astronomical knowledge is, well, astronomical. I think the moon is unreliable in that I am never quite sure where to look for it.

Vee, nice indeed.