Friday, February 19, 2016

Random Conversation Sixteen

"When you are as old as I am, , ,", Rocky told me at breakfast.

I bet we are in the same decade," I replied.

"I am seventy-one," said Rocky.  "How old are you?"

"I am eighty-one.  If I were a year younger or you were a year older we would have been in the same decade."

(My daughter met Rocky later.  She told me Rocky looks older than I do.  Ivy is a sweetheart.)


Secondary Roads said...

Priceless, a woman like Ivy is.

vanilla said...

Chuck, not enough money in the world to make a trade. I am blessed to have two loving daughters, Ivy and Ann.

Grace said...

She was just being truthful...71 year old thinks an 81 year old is younger than he...well there you have it.

Ilene said...

You have good genes.

Marsha Young said...

Well, you just have to love a good with both good eyesight AND good judgement! :)

Marsha Young said...

Sorry, meant to say you just have to love a girl with good
eyesight. :)

vanilla said...

Grace, you know I am eating up all this flattery. Honestly, my little sister, Ilene, below probably summed it up: good genes.

Ilene, I think that is the reason and it is something I totally had no control over.

Marsha, or her mother and I didn't raise any slow-witted children!

Vee said...

Ivy's good vision is a blessing.