Friday, September 25, 2015

Winters in Paradise

We have enjoyed many "winters" in Hildalgo County, Texas and in other parts of South Texas.  The population of Hidalgo County is largely Hispanic, 88% according to demographic data.

I have a plate on the front of the vehicle which reads "VANILLA."  Sometimes a citizen will notice the plate and say, "Va-nee-ya?" pronouncing it as a Spanish word.  Touching my chest with my right hand I reply, "Yes, si.  I am va-nee-ya."  Always gets a smile.

Conversations with the younger people are not difficult for in most cases their English is as good as mine.  But talking with the old-timers often consists of much hand-waving, "Ah, so." and so on, utilizing the half-dozen Spanish words I know and the half dozen English words he knows.

Fun times in Texas.  Surely wish we were planning to be there again this coming winter;.

Word of the day: vanilla


KC Bob said...

I am with you on this. Wishing we could winter in Texas too.

vanilla said...

KC Bob, I hate to be a grouchy old spoilsport, but winter just seems to get harsher in the Midwest as the years go by. Hope yours is an easy one at any rate.

KC Bob said...

In the past I have always hoped to winter in a warmer place. For years now health issues interfered with my plans. I am still hoping to get someplace warmer but am content to winter in KC if we have to.

Lin said...

As per the comments, I agree, winters do seem to be more harsh nowadays. Is it climate change? Or my age and growing intolerance?

vanilla said...

Lin, sad to say I think that in my case at least there is less starch and resolve in my character in my elder years. Okay, I have never been a fan of cold weather.