Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Every School Day in Every Community

Image result for child with backpack
Image result for child with backpack 

How in the name of all that is righteous can we look at this and not be incensed? 

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Secondary Roads said...

Agree. Plus there's not a single Hello Kitty pack in the lot.

Grace said...

What the heck is in those back-packs. Nowadays we have 10 year-olds with back problems. Ridiculous.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I absolutely just don't "get it."

Grace, and I ask, "What is wrong with parents these days?"

Lin said...

Those giant (and filled) backpacks, plus add an instrument case, is why I had to drive my kids to school for years. I could not believe the weight of those things!

vanilla said...

Lin, while I particularly admire the tenacity and dedication of the child who totes a musical instrument back and forth to school, I fail to see the need or the excuse for a heavy pack of other whatevers.

Vee said...

Some schools encourage back packs. I visited a room that had hangers for back packs. At various times during my visit, children were directed to put things into them.

Rather than rebel against the use of these back-breakers, parents view use them as another status symbol, competing to see who can find the nicest model.

What our society does best is ignore warnings based on research - in this case chronic back pain in young children related to back pack use. It's surprising to me that parents are not suing companies that manufacture these things for causing their children physical harm.

vanilla said...

Vee, your statement of the case is better than I might have done. It would merely be ridiculous and laughable were it not for the literal harm it does to children. And to their parents. And to us all.