Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Manifesto of a Tired Old Man

Many Christians today remind me more of Chicken Little than they do of Jesus Christ and his saving grace.  How many of us are running around proclaiming that the Sky is Falling when we should proclaim "Jesus is Coming!"

I have been a bit of a political junkie ever since Harry Truman stopped in our town  during his whistle-stop campaign to defeat Dewey.  Perhaps it is a function of age, but I am weary of all that now.  It is all as Shakespeare observed in a different context, "full of sound and fury signifying nothing."  Or as Wordsworth said, "Getting and spending we lay waste our powers."  Reflect on the waste involved in office-seeking, which ultimately is self-seeking, personal aggrandizement, offering nothing of value to the people.

I could not care less who wins the presidency.  It makes zero difference in the long run.  To obsess over it is a waste of what little time I have left and what little emotional and intellectual power that remains in me.

If I change my mind that is my prerogative..


Vee said...

I agree with the Chicken Little analogy. For the past two Sundays our church has had lectures from the pulpit supporting politically correct agendas. (Not sermons since there is no support for the ideas in the Bible, but maybe not lectures since the ideas were not based facts. I guess the sessions could best be described as opinion sharing.)

Secondary Roads said...

I remember Truman's train going through our town. We weren't big enough to warrant a stop, and yet a crowd had gathered in case he did.

I'm glad to report politics don't enter into our pastor's messages. A couple of times issues of the day have been interpreted in light of scripture.

vanilla said...

Vee, I think the plethora of negativity has just exhausted me.

Chuck, blessedly we have not gotten politics from our pulpit, either.

Jim Grey said...

I am so glad I attend a church with a pulpit that avoids saying anything about the political landscape.

In light of eternity, who holds the office of President of the U.S. matters naught. But in light of my next 20-30 years* on this planet, I care a little bit.

*based on average Grey-family life expectencies

vanilla said...

Jim, we are also blessed to have a politics-free zone in our pulpit. In the long term the whole political scene is of little import, but I suppose that our lives in the here-and-now might be affected one way or the other.

Lin said...

Politics are exhausting. I don't care anymore because it's all shenanigans and spin. I am enjoying watching the Trump coverage--it makes me giggle to see everyone getting all foamed up over what he says each day. It's just nonsense...the whole thing.

Ilene said...

When Grandma was 92, we went to see her out West. It was an election year, and when my husband asked her if she would be going to the polls to vote, she said, "No, I won't. I'm a Christian. Now, I know you young people don't see it that way, but I won't be voting." Perhaps, like you, she had just had enough of it.

vanilla said...

Lin, "shenanigans and spin" is exactly right. And "it's just nonsense, the whole thing." You have nailed it.

Ilene, good for Grandma. That would have been the year Nixon ran against McGovern. Wow, was she right in choosing to stay home.