Friday, June 6, 2014

D-Day + 70 years

June 6, 1944, forever immortalized as "D-Day." May we never forget the cause or the sacrifice.

The ranks of those among us who were in that historic event are thinning daily. Nevertheless the world shall always owe a debt of gratitude to them and to all who served in that war.
Thirty years ago on June third, I flew to Europe from JFK and had the good fortune to be on a plane loaded with vets and their spouses who were making the trip back to the scene of their heroic efforts for a Fortieth Anniversary celebration. It was a privilege to be in their company, though some might say for a bunch of old guys and gals they were pretty rowdy! It was a celebration. A celebration of victory, of survival, and of life itself.

Now we celebrate the Seventieth Anniversary of that world-changing event.  The ranks of those who were there has thinned even more now, and those who are able to return to the scene of their service and glory are few indeed.

While we will never forget, let us be sure that those who were not yet born in that day will also remember.  


Jacquelineand.... said...

My father, for one reason and another, was never able to return, but he remembered in his own particular way every year. Even after I moved away from home, I made sure to be with him (if even for a short while) every year and raised a glass with him in memory.

Vee said...

I remember the celebration on this day although I was too young to understand what that victory meant for me.

I will not forget. I wish our children were taught the history of this era in a way that promotes understanding.

Secondary Roads said...

The recent mini-series, World Wars, provided some interesting background on the events that led up to and beyond D-Day.

Shelly said...

May we never forget!!!

And just wanted to let you know I will be closing my blog for a bit, but will be checking in on my favorite blogs periodically, and yours is definitely on that list!

vanilla said...

Jacquelineand, we are all blessed by your father's service. He had a blessing in a daughter who celebrated with him!

Vee, I suppose there has been so much "history" since WWII that it is difficult to get it all in. But some critical points should always be taught.

Chuck, I missed that somehow.

Shelly, I am saddened that we will get no more of your wonderful stories for a time. Hope it is only for a time. I do understand. Though I don't know your personal reasons, I do know that I have considered shutting down. I suppose the time will come.

I am flattered that STSTT will remain on your reading list!