Saturday, May 17, 2014


Froggy sitting on a loggy

on the edge of her boggy

doesn't mind if air is soggy.*

If it should get too hot

 --Bob Warr

*Really soggy here this week; not likely to get too hot.

Yes, this is a dandelion, the puffball soaked. 


Grace said...

Soggy and a tad chilly here - but I like it, we also have sun. I've got no where to go, and all day to get there - so I'm fine.

Vee said...

: )

vanilla said...

Grace, no place to go and all day to get there-- ideal!

Vee, I stopped smiling right before I finished washing (inside and out) six double-hungs and five singles.
Wish that finished the job.

Lin said...

This weather is bonkers. I'm so tired of cold and rainy!!

Shelly said...

Hot and then cold here- dry and then very wet. Won't complain, though~

vanilla said...

Lin, perhaps this is the day for the sunshine. At any rate, it is bright and clear here this morning!

Shelly, that sort of thing keeps the meteorologists on their toes.