Saturday, May 31, 2014

Big Trees

A few days ago the post was about the tuliptree.  So is this one.  This tree is about four blocks from our house.  It may be the largest tuliptree I have seen.  Note red arrow indicating the first branch above the street lamp.  What a piece of timber!

The white line through the top roughly indicates a "normal" growth pattern.  This giant was adversely affected in a storm a few years ago, and thus a branch has grown somewhat askew.

The tree to the right is directly across the avenue from the giant above.  Its shape is more the norm for the yellow poplar.  This is quite a large example in its own right.


Marsha Young said...

Beautiful trees! We love trees, but we are srrounded by huge ones and a large branch - about the size of a regular tree - feel onto our neighbors house last week.

So we respect our trees - besides loving them. :)

vanilla said...

Marsha, I am always distressed at the loss of a tree. We had a maple the main trunk of which forked into four big tree-sized branches about eight feet above ground. The threat to our property and the neighbor's eventually required removal of the tree. We had others though!

Lin said...

Oh my...that IS a majestic tree!

We don't have big trees on our small lot--only a redbud in the back. We had a Chinese Elm that we removed--it was an awful tree. Very messy and dangerous whenever the wind blew.

Oh, and 3 apple trees. The previous owners had 3 apple trees and the elm in our tiny yard. The apple trees were all leaning away from the elm. None of them remain now.

vanilla said...

Lin, our lot is 0.4 acre, minus the buildings, of course, so we have some trees. Since you mention "messy" here's one you might like. From today. Very warm (90) and breezy. I left the cars out with windows open. We have a river birch thirty feet tall, which was about three feet when I planted it. Next to the drive, you see. And when I came out to put the cars away, not only were they covered with birch seeds, they were filled with them too.