Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Little Gem

This little building on the southwest corner of Main and Madison is known as "The Little Gem."

This building was constructed and opened as The Little Gem Restaurant in the early 1920s, as I understand it.  That not only was nearly half-century before I moved to this community, it was also a number of years before I was born.

During my years here, it has operated as a sandwich shop, a soda fountain and ice cream store, under different proprietorships, and most recently as a beauty salon.  It is currently vacant.

The larger properties visible behind the little store and the Gem itself are apparently on the market.  Many people, myself included, hope that whoever acquires the property will preserve the landmark building.

Here is the "news" aspect of this report.  The City of Tipton is currently occupying temporary headquarters as City Hall since the demolition of the previous municipal home.  The city council is considering purchase of this property for use as City Hall and municipal utilities offices.  It has been suggested that should they do this, The Little Gem might well be preserved!  Now there is a reason for me to support this move by our leaders!


Vee said...

Your post reminds me of why I like little towns.

Sharkbytes said...

I love cute little buildings like that one.

vanilla said...

Vee, our small town has no Walmart, but it definitely has its benefits. (Some might even say that is one of them.)

Sharkey, this is a fine example of a "cute little building."

Grace said...

"cute little building" comes instantly to mind but I see it has occurred to everyone. And I do like the street lamp.

Secondary Roads said...

On the outside, it doesn't look that old. (Like some people we know.) Hopefully, they will preserve that lovely landmark.

vanilla said...

Grace, our city fathers chose those street lamps a few years back. They are quite nice.

Chuck, a few years ago the fieldstone started to fall away. The restoration included removal of same, new blocks underneath then replacement of the stone. The windows were replaced with modern windows, as was the door, though the entryway was preserved. Clearly the siding above is modern material, but overall I thought it a nice job.

Lin said...

That reminds me of a little building in the town I went to college in. It was home to a Western Union, Termite Control and a mobile home park office. It was adorable...AND functional.

I hope they save yours.

vanilla said...

Lin, such buildings are attractive, but as you indicate, functionality is important. Otherwise: museum piece.