Saturday, April 12, 2014

Anniversary of a Tragedy

In spite of the skip-to-my-Lou, Pollyanna-everything-is-hunky-dory facade this blog presents, my life's experiences have not all been beer-'n-skittles.

Forty-nine years ago last night, we were sitting in our living room, possibly watching Ben, and Hoss, and Little Joe, and the boys, when the lights went out.

 Peru Daily Tribune, April 12, 1965
  Peru Daily Tribune                     
               Eastern High School Yearbook, Aurora

vanilla's personal photo album, 1965
White loop drawn around my classroom windows.

The 1965 Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak took 271 lives across the Midwest and caused five and one-half billion dollars in property loss.  Our family had no losses of lives or property.  Tragically, some friends and acquaintances did have.


Lin said...

Thank goodness it wasn't a school day! That is horrible damage. :( Scary what damage the weather causes, isn't it?

Secondary Roads said...

I vaguely remember that weekend. We were living in Lansing, Michigan and never saw any of the action that hit you so hard.

Vee said...

That was a terrible day. If I remember correctly, teachers were asked to go into your building after the tornado to retrieve important things. What were they thinking?

vanilla said...

Lin, having taught school in Indiana all those years, I have to say the possibility of a school-hours storm always lurked in the back of the mind. Planning and prep however you may, one cannot control the forces of nature. We were fortunate that school losses were limited to property.

Chuck, that evening and the next few days are so etched into my memory that I can almost recall verbatim conversations. Too scary, too close to home.

Vee, what? indeed. Save a dime, I guess. One thing I most recall from the night of the tornado was that I knew Mom and Dad were in South Marion that night where Dad was preaching. When I learned the path of the tornado, I was beside myself until I could learn that they were okay.

Sharkbytes said...

Wow- that was just months before I moved to the Midwest, but I guess being young and not there when it actually happened, I didn't really connect with it.

Yeah... you as a beer-n-skittles guy? hmmm

vanilla said...

Sharkey, yeah, beer-n-skittles and vanilla. A rather incongruous juxtaposition, I think.