Sunday, April 27, 2014

God's Overlooked Marvels

Discounting the quality of the photography, please note that the penny is nestled among teeny, tiny blue flowers in the lawn.  The blooms are smaller than forget-me-not, and how oft might I have overlooked them, I know not.
The flowers are quite exquisite, should you get close enough to examine them.  Blue-violet petals, white center with yellow stamens.
We tend to ignore such specimens in favor of the much, much larger and gaudier pansies, and we are even likely to notice the dandelions in their gaudy sunshine splendor.
Yet this begs the question, why did the Creator provide such pretty yet such small beauties that they normally fall outside the range of our perception?
I fancy that I know the answer.

The elves and fairies, and perhaps the gnomes as well, live beneath the glorious blossoms of which we are so fond, never having the pleasure of their full beauty, as they are merely shade to them, the firmament, so to speak, beneath which they live.
So God has provided for them wonderful beauties, proportionate to their own size, and He has placed them at their level, such that they may enjoy them in their completeness.

So step lightly; if you were to crush the flowers, they will spring back.  But above all, do not walk on the wee inhabitants for whom they were made.

It is probable that the plants I enjoyed here in the lawn 
yesterday afternoon are corn speedwell.  My neighbors
haven't the flowers in their lawns that I have in mine,
for they pay some guy to spread chemicals around their


Sharkbytes said...

I think your ID is correct. Forget chemicals on the lawn. What a terrible habit urban dwellers insist on- a grass monoculture.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, thank you; I was hoping you would verify or correct my identification.

Grace said...

Oh come on now - gnomes and elves are far too big to hang out under those flowers. Fairies on the other hand...depending on what kind of fairies they are - perfect spot.

vanilla said...

Grace, I shall have to confess that I have never actually espied any of those inhabitants, so you may be right.

Lin said...

I'm guilty of using weed killer on the lawn, but all of those little flowers are welcome in the gardens. I have forget-me-nots, pansies and violas that come up wherever they want---and that's where they stay. I love those teeny-tiny blossoms--they are my favorites.

vanilla said...

Lin, some of those tiny flowers are exquisite, even if one does need a magnifying glass to see them clearly!

Vee said...

Love spring, love flowers whether fair-sized or people-sized.

vanilla said...

Vee, Spring is wonderful, flowers, large or tiny, are a blessing.

Shelly said...

It's a delightful season to enjoy God's treasures, both large and small-

vanilla said...

Shelly, true, and there are wonderful marvels for our enjoyment in every season if we keep our eyes and our hearts open!