Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Name Game

The series following the fortunes of the Sloan family from the day that Geoff Slade left the river and chose Jason Sloan as his new name has recently ended "up in the air" with this Jason's great grandson, also Jason Sloan.

I have been made aware that in the real world there are a significant number of Jason Sloans.  These, in their life pursuits, range from highly successful entrepreneurs to, in one case, a convicted killer.  Recently I learned that the grandson of my first cousin Pauline has committed to play football at University of Oregon.  Henry Mondeaux will be a fine addition to the Ducks' program.  I find, too, in looking at the roster, that there is a Jason Sloan on the team, currently a redshirt freshman.

All this reminds me that sharing a name is a common occurrence.  When I was a high school student and a messenger for Western Union, there appeared in our local newspaper an article about the arrest of a young man a mere year or two older than I, for robbery, a & b, and resisting.  The name was the same as mine.

I had easy access to the city editor of the paper, in that I frequently carried messages for him.  So I went to him, explained that I was concerned that people might think I was the culprit whose story had appeared in the paper.  He said, "Not a problem.  I'll take care of it."  The next day he ran an article explaining that I of the Same Name was not the culprit who had recently been arrested.  It was perhaps the only time I did anything noteworthy enough to be mentioned in my hometown newspaper.  Oh, the next spring I was listed as a graduate of the local high school. Listed along with the other 421 who graduated with me.  Fine print, that.


Shelly said...

I have a name twin, as well, in Texas, and she is also an educator. I remember thinking when I first found out that I hope she never gets arrested for anything!

Vee said...

More evidence that who you know does matter. Having the editor of the paper on your side was definitely a plus.

An officer now on the police force of the city of your graduation also shares your name.

vanilla said...

Shelly, may it be that all Shellys are upright, law-biding citizens.

Vee, friends in the right places: a good thing. A man of my same name is Chief of Police in Nebraska City, and there is a man of my name on our local police force. Did I miss my calling?

Sharkbytes said...

I have a very common name and using my middle initial helps a bit. It narrows the field. I was doing a google search for pictures of someone else yesterday, and just did mine, with the H to see what would come up. Happy to say that a bunch of the real me showed up first. It's all part of the self-marketing one must do to see books.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, at least you are "out there" for readers to find!