Monday, February 3, 2014

Again with the Snow

The poor RV wishes it were in Texas.  Okay, perhaps that is a bit fanciful, but I wish it were in Texas with me. 

 The little tree and the grasses in the neighbor's mound.

And a closer look at the grass.

The forecast for one to two inches of snow Saturday night/Sunday morning was accurate up to the point where the two inches was reached, then it went on to pour another four inches on us. Shoveling again.  Got the walks and drives done in four sessions this time.

We have a couple of granddaughters who "love" snow, and they are "so excited" every time a new batch falls.  They are in their twenties and thirties.  We love them anyway.

I've lost count of the total snowfall so far this winter.  One gets numb after while.  I have also lost count of the number of times I have posted about snow.  You may skip it when you're bored with it.

The world's coat is white, 
new wrap around her shoulders; 
hiding grey and slush.

We may be weary; 
nevertheless we are blessed; 
warm and green will come.


Jim said...

I'm kind of surprised you didn't abscond to warmer climes this year.

I was stranded at home for a week with the last major snow, as the city never came to plow. Here's hoping there's no repeat of that before this season ends.

Vee said...

This might be overkill, even for the snow lovers. Stay inside! Pretend you are looking at beautiful pictures outside.

vanilla said...

Jim, I surprise myself sometimes. Of all the winters to stay in Central Indiana. . .

Vee, certainly overkill from my perspective.

Sharkbytes said...

well, even your RV proclaims it likes vanilla. You should have ordered pistachio.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, that would have been a "greener" choice, for sure.

Secondary Roads said...

All this snow should help water levels--in the ground and in our lakes and rivers.

Shelly said...

Texas is good now- a little cool, but nothing like what your pictures show. Green will come, green will come.

Grace said...

We've got rain and temps in the low 50's - folks to our north not doing so well - so I read. I think I shall stick with being a Southerner...Bless their hearts.

vanilla said...

Chuck, that is one of the qualities I admire in you: always looking on the bright side!

Shelly, see, I would appreciate the "little cool," but unfortunately the spouse thinks that when the temp drops below 70 it is cold in Texas.

Grace, bless you heart, indeed.

Lin said...

I love Chuck. He is so right--the earth needs all of this moisture. Still..I'm sort of tired of all the white stuff. We are getting more tomorrow. Ugh.

vanilla said...

Lin, fortunately we have Chuck to keep us focused on the important things. For tomorrow's storm, we are in the seven-to-twelve inch band on the weather map. Oh, joy.