Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Talent Gone Too Soon

2011 Commemorative stamp, US Postal Service.

February 26, 1995 before an audience of over 66,000 people, Selena gave a televised performance at the Houston Astrodome.  It was to be her last major performance.

One month later, March 31, Selena Quintanilla-Perez died of a gunshot wound inflicted by a former president of the Selena Fan Club.  She was sixteen days short of her twenty-fourth birthday.

Miramor de la Flor, a memorial to Selena in downtown Corpus Christi, was opened to the public in 1997.  BBBH and I visited this tribute to the singer in 2000.

April 16 is "Selena Day" in the State of Texas.

Selena  April 16, 1971 - March 31, 1995  RIP


Lin said...

Such a waste. :( Still...we need a holiday for this person???

Sharkbytes said...

I know SO little about popular music. I've heard of her but that's all.

vanilla said...

Lin, oh, yes. A holiday for everyone and everything!

Grace, I am no fan of popular music, either. I think, though, that I posted this because of the tragic nature of the girl's early demise. There is something pleasant (to me) about the quality of her voice.

Secondary Roads said...

Sylvia and I were Selena fans. We also enjoyed watching her appearances on the telenovela, Dos mujeres, un camino. Erik Estrada was the main protagonist in the Latin American version of a soap opera. Unlike our soaps, telenovelas do end after several weeks. Which is a merciful thing.

Shelly said...

She was gone far, far too soon. Her brilliant legacy, though, will go on long after we are all gone.

vanilla said...

Chuck, we now have prime time soap operas disguised as dramatic presentations. Unfortunately.
I do like to listen to Selena sing in Spanish. I might even understand a word or two in any given song.

Shelly, she was brilliant. Many of today's young twitlets on center stage don't deserve to have their names mentioned along side her. imo