Wednesday, February 5, 2014


[These "Uncle Jep" stories are usually posted on Thursdays, but tomorrow is a special day, so here is an instalment a day early.]
Did I ever tell you about the time Jason Sloan. . ."

"Wait a minute, Uncle Jep.  You are just about to wander off from yarn spinning into tale bearing.  There has been entirely too much said about things people know too little about."

"Dagnabit, Boy.  You are getting to be one hard case to talk to about just about anything," Uncle Jep asserted in a voice just below the level of a holler.  He threw down his hoe and headed toward the barn.

I knew that Uncle would sulk for a while.  What I didn't know was that it would be near three weeks before he spoke to me again.  For example, at the supper table, Uncle Jep says to Aunt Grace who is opposite him, me sitting next to him on his left, "Ma, please ask the Boy to pass me those taters."

This put a real crimp in my education, for much of what I learn I pick up from working with Uncle Jep.  But he made it a point to leave instructions for me with Aunt Grace.  Then he would disappear for the day.  But there are some benefits, too.  I actually believe that the both of us got more work done during that three weeks than we had ever done when working together.  But, as Uncle Jep later said, "Hit warn't much fun."  I accepted that as an accommodation, if not an apology, nor was I about to apologize, but I did say, "I surely have missed hearing your yarns," which he accepted by saying, "Then be still and listen when I'ma talkin'."

But I did note that his tales were less scandalous thereafter.

© 2014 David W. Lacy


Vee said...

Of course, Uncle Jep was right. None of us like to be interrupted when wea talkin'.

vanilla said...

Vee, especially when we have something "juicy" to impart. Ah, the human condition.

Secondary Roads said...

What Vee said . . .

Sharkbytes said...

Best let the old folks tell it like they remember it!

Shelly said...

Ah, love this kind of storytellin'~

Pearl said...

I do love how you spin a yarn. :-)


vanilla said...

Chuck, we do like to tell our tales.

Sharkey, else those memories be forgotten?

Shelly, and I like to tell them.

Pearl, thank you. I like to spin 'em.