Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Sun King

Louis was born to Louis XIII and Anne of Austria on September 5, 1638.  He became Louis Quatorze on May 11, 1643.  His reign of 72 years stands as the longest of any monarch in Western history.

Love and Louis XIV is the story of the Sun King's reign told with emphasis on the women in his life, beginning with his mother Anne who was sister to King Philip of Spain.  The story progresses to the marriage of the king to Marie-Therese, daughter of Philip IV of Spain.  Then there are the accounts of the affairs and peccadillos of the king with Louise and Athenais who bore him children, and others.  One does not read this document from prurient interest, but rather as a study in the religion, the mores, and the standards of behavior for those both in and out of power in 17th century Europe.

One finds insight into the various residences and the practices within them, and the famous restructuring and expansion of the Palace at Versailles.

Heavens, this reads like a book report.

Fraser, Antonia.  Love and Louis XIV,  Nan A. Talese, New York, 2006.


Sharkbytes said...

And all that in fancy clothes- glad you enjoyed it. I'm not fond of soap operas, current or historical.

Shelly said...

I love Antonia Fraser's work. I've never read a book by her I didn't enjoy~

vanilla said...

Shark, certainly I am not enamored of the lifestyles portrayed in this tome, but I did learn some history.

Shelly, the lady is a prolific and entertaining writer.