Friday, September 13, 2013

Annual Party at Salamonie

 Just returned from our annual excursion to Salamonie Reservoir.

 Visited the gardens again.

The dahlia is real.  So is the bee.

A good time was had by most.  Unfortunately, for Harvey and Rachel, not so much.  Following a very large investment in repairs, the unit broke down again.

Did I mention that the second day we were there was the hottest day of 2013 to date?  That didn't hold, though, because the third day was the hottest day of 2013 to date.  Well, it was dry and pleasant enough, given the breeze which prevailed a good bit of the time.  Simply sitting in my chair listening to the soughing of the wind in the treetops was pleasure enough!


Shelly said...

It's always a great day when I can learn a new word, and I did today with soughing! I plan to use it as often as I can now~

The trip sounds terrific, except for the repairs~

Vee said...

Glad you had a nice time with your camping buddies. Indiana has a lot of great places to do that.

Sharkbytes said...

I have been there many times. One of the nicest outdoor spaces in Indiana.

Grace said...

So that's where you were! I don't know the real name for those red flowers, we always called them cock's combs - they were always one of my favs...

vanilla said...

Shelly, indeed a day in which one doesn't learn anything is a wasted day. Glad I could help!

Vee, Indiana is indeed blessed with many beautiful places. Or, as JWR put it "Ain't God good to Indiana."

Sharkey, Salamonie is a wonderful outdoor place!

Grace, I believe you are right in that the red flowers are a variety of cock's comb. Very velvety!