Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trees in the Breeze

 Across the road is a small arboretum, about one-quarter square block in size.

 I thought this a particularly nice specimen.  It is a very pretty tree, and I would describe it as semi-deciduous, inasmuch as it is still adorned with much green foliage here at the end of January.  (It might be semi-evergreen, though such examples are quite rare.  I am not a dendrologist, so I am only guessing here, anyway.)

The bark is very interesting, and the name of the tree is quite appropriate.  The leaves are about an inch in length, typical elm in appearance, and arranged as shown in the diagram.

More about this pretty little park perhaps another time.  "Breeze" in the title:  I used the term because we had a pretty stiff breeze here all day Tuesday, with gusts as high as forty mph, temperatures in the eighties.  The official temperature at the Corpus Christi airport, thirty miles down the road, was 91, a new record for the date.  I love January.  In Texas.


Shelly said...

Yesterday was something else, weather wise! One of our cleaning ladies lost control of her cart crossing the street and the wind carried it a ways before relinquishing control.

That's truly beautiful bark- looks like it could be framed and go on the wall as an art piece.

Lin said...

Oh, I like that bark! Very cool.

It was in the mid-60's here yesterday--almost as balmy as you, believe it or not! Okay, so today it's back to 20 degrees, so don't be jealous. ;)

Maria said...

I love January in Texas too. Unfortunately, I live on the prairie and am sitting here during a snowstorm waiting for my snow removal guy to clean the driveway so that I can get to work. Yeah. Snow is so common here that we actually go to work even in snowstorms! But, in four years when our daughter is in college, my partner and I are moving to New Orleans, her home town. I am sooo ready today.

vanilla said...

Shelly, I can picture yesterday's cart in the wind episode.

The patterns in this bark are quite interesting.

Lin, and along with your 20 degree weather, will you get your desired snow?

Maria, ah, the dream of the South to keep you focused as you trudge through the snow!

Sharkbytes said...

Wow! Thank you. I never even heard of that. Nice tree.

vanilla said...

Shark, I found it an amazing specimen, too.