Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Love It!

About two and a half years ago I participated in a meme that Chuck sent my way.  I passed it on to several blogger friends.  It came back around yesterday when Bob and Jan of Little Green Truck fame mentioned it on their facebook page.  They reposted their ten loves.  It seemed appropriate at the beginning of a new year to review the things I claim to love.  I went back to the old post and copied it over here.  I had to tweak the age, but otherwise, it is still the same!

Ten Things I Love
1. I love the Lord Jesus Christ who is my savior.
2. I love my wife whom you have met as "BBBH".
3. I love my family which has become so large and so widely extended that it is a challenge as I age to remember all their names. 
4. I love being 78 years old. It's sort of a testimony to perseverance  Next up, 79! and who knows how far one can go from there!
5. I love the community in which we live. It is not "Perfect" in spite of the fact that I have referred to it in that way on the blog; but it is the best place in which I've ever lived, and that's saying something.
6. For the most part, I love blogging, both writing my own and reading others. I have tried to quit, really I have; but BBBH says I'm addicted. There are worse addictions.
7. I love political cartoons and comic strips and their creators. I don't read them all, just half-dozen of the former and dozen of the latter. I love to laugh; and laughing at the nonsense of politicians and the foibles of our fellow-man keeps us from going nuts.
8. I love Coffee.
9. I love Texas. Admittedly I have never been there between May and September. But, subtext 9a. I love the ocean and 9b. I love the desert. Texas has plenty of both.
10. I love living green things. This was my answer to the question, "Why did you ever choose to move to Indiana?"

What do you love?



Grace said...

And Happy New Year to you and yours...Ah, the things I love and/or really like a lot changes from day to day - couldn't pick a top ten but laughing and cats have to be way up there...

Secondary Roads said...

My list closely resembles yours my friend. HNY

Jim said...

I love my sons, my brother, and my parents. My family is not so extended!

I love Indiana! I've lived here all 45 of my years but have traveled the country on business and am always relieved to be back home.

I love old cars and old roads. Maybe one day I'll own an old car that I can drive on old roads.

I love to make photographs. I love it more when I share one and someone says they really like it.

I love to write, and I love sharing what I write via my blog.

I love to sing. Darn good thing I can carry a tune.

But most importantly, I love my Lord, and my goal every day is that he can tell.

vanilla said...

Grace, and happy 2013 to you! Laughter is a good thing and your cats make you happy, another good thing!

Chuck, happy new year to you also. I am not surprised that your list resembles mine. }:-o

Jim, old cars, old roads, photography and blogging. Things you love that bring us pleasure, too. I like to hear people who love to sing, especially if they can carry a tune!

Lin said...

Happy New Year, David and JoAnn!!

I like your list...I think I'm addicted to blogging and reading other blogs too. :)

vanilla said...

Lin, if you are addicted, I like it. Surely would miss you if you weren't in the blogosphere!

Sharkbytes said...

Nice list. I am not sure I want to make one. Don't ask why.

vanilla said...

Shark, okay. Sometimes a "list" just isn't all that satisfying.