Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life in the Wetland

We boarded the scooter and left Cat behind.  Cat is the unofficial mascot of the park.  The official mascot is Peacock.  Have not yet photographed him.  Cat is quite friendly, will tolerate a belly rub.  She is surely not an elderly cat, for she has beautiful white teeth.

The destination on this particular day is a wildlife sanctuary/wetland preserve which is located right in town and along a very busy highway.  In fact, the entrance to the park is directly opposite the entrance to Wally World.  Can you spot Bird?  Well, he's not hiding.

This example of a very interesting grass is near the entrance to the boardwalk that goes out over the swamp.  It is called brushy sedge, or some such thing.  Memory isn't the first to go, either.

This photo lacks the clarity I desired, but I snapped it because of the giant "U" shaped vine.  Look just to the right of the upper left hand corner, then follow the swoop down to lower center of picture and back up to the tree on the right.

BBBH was fascinated by the vines.  She tugged on this one, but did not attempt to swing.

What?  You're back?

All in all, it was a very enjoyable excursion, the amount of walking was just about right, and we had  a visit with a pleasant couple from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
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