Saturday, November 17, 2012

Walk around the Yard

 The view toward the house from beyond the "barn."  There are six austrees in our yard, this one between the house and the barn and five along the property line which is also the city limits.

 The austrees are about fifteen years old, very fast growing, and we greatly appreciate the shade.  However they are rather messy trees, shedding branches in nearly every windstorm.  We expend a lot of effort picking up branches.  The leaves are very similar to willow, and thus a real chore to clean up.  Worse, while the ground is now carpeted with fallen leaves, you can see that the trees are still quite capable of providing shade!

The Bradford pear tree is in the front yard.  As I walked by it I noted that the sunlight, shining as it was,  made the colors very striking.  The reds and yellows provided by leaves, the blues by the sky beyond the tree.

Must enjoy fall while we may!

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