Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bus Connections

Where was I before daybreak this morning?

Several years ago the local factory in which my youngest son worked, burned.
The management kept on a skeleton crew, including Kenny, to clean up; then
they closed down and all the employees were without work.

Since that time, Kenneth is the only one of the children who did not live in the
area, for to find employment he moved around quite a bit, working for over a year in Brooklyn, working in Amish Country, PA, working in East Tennessee.
The point is, he has been away from home for a long time.  He came back to
Indiana this summer and worked near Marion for a time.

Now that stint completed, three weeks ago he came home.  Literally.  His
hope was to find a job right here in his hometown.  He pounded the pave-
ment and submitted resumes.  We enjoyed having his company.
But, employment did not surface here.  However, one of the managers at
a local plant offered him a job in a factory in Iowa, along with living quarters
and transportation expenses.

Bus fare, that is.  So this morning very, very early, we were on the road to Indy where the bus for Iowa departed at 7:30.  Got him there in plenty of time, loaded bags in the cargo hold, hugs and farewells, and I was back in Perfect two hours and ten minutes after we left.

We will miss the man, but we were blessed to have him here for a while.

Images: South Illinois at Maryland in Indy


Shelly said...

And Godspeed to him. Hope it all goes well for him there-

Ilene said...

Wish him well as he begins his work in Iowa.

vanilla said...

Shelly, thank you. He arrived safely, starts work at 6:30 in the morning.

Ilene, I will convey the wishes from his Aunt Ilene.

Lin said...

I certainly wish him much luck and success in his new endeavor!

vanilla said...

Lin, thank you for that.

Secondary Roads said...

Here hoping that this next adventure in the life of Kenneth is a good one.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I am believing it will be. Thanks.

John Cowart said...

Hi Vanilla,

Ken's story is told a thousandfold all over the country, but w/o the prospect of a happy outcome. How sad.

Read your Dad's poem about the jay--adventures with birds never stop.


vanilla said...

John, if only there were an appropriate job for any who wanted one. My bird adventures were chiefly those involving an open chimney, a fireplace and a stupid bird. Man finally smartened up enough to get a bird-proof cap made for said chimney.

Vee said...

So happy for Ken that he got the job in Iowa. I wish him the best.

vanilla said...

Vee, we are praying it works out well for him.

Sharkbytes said...

Bus travel is worse than horse and buggy. But, the destination with a job sounds worth it. Glad you got to see one of the kiddos, and to then regain your peace.

vanilla said...

Shark, I know bus travel. One year in my youth I logged nearly 25 thousand miles in a year.