Thursday, November 22, 2012

More Thankful than Ever

I've scared this bird up yet again.  The bird is tougher than ever, and the wishes are as sincere as ever.

It is time once again to prep the turkey and dressing. I was advised two years ago that this bird was much too scrawny to feed the gang, so I kept him on the premises in an attempt to fatten him up for later. Clearly, my efforts have failed.

This is one smart old bird. He has figured out that by eating just enough for sustenance and the daily chore of obtaining enough provender against the next day, he has a much better chance of survival.
As, I might add, would we all.

He has so frustrated me that I am tempted to wring his scrawny neck purely as the vengeful treatment he so richly deserves. But I won't. May I have another slice of that "tofurkey" ham please?

I wish you enough. Be thankful.


John Cowart said...

This must be the turkey that the president pardoned.

Shelly said...

He must have joined the hoardes of us doing the Atkins diet.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Secondary Roads said...

All the turkeys are safe around these parts. Two of my sisters are joining us today and we all have a food allergy that puts turkey off-limits. How about some spiral-cut ham?

Anonymous said...

Haver a Happy!

vanilla said...

John, not much of a bird, in any event.

Shelly, diet? Say it isn't so. At least not today!

Chuck, that would be good. We sometimes have that at Christmas.

Grace, thank you, and right back at you.

Vee said...

Glad to see this skinny guy back. My favorite Thanksgiving Turkey. Have a great day!

Sharkbytes said...

He looks a little gray!

vanilla said...

Vee, likely he will expire of old age, safe forever from the axe.

Shark, gray, yes; and stringy and tough.