Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Accidental Photography

Full moon is today, but I availed myself of the opportunity to get this shot last evening.  Who knows? It may be occluded tonight.  The November full moon is called Beaver Moon, or Full Frost Moon.


I noticed the decorations up the street, so I turned my camera in that direction.  Seems I moved the camera while the shutter was still open.

And this is the result when I held still, more or less.  Truth, I like the first shot better.

A reminder to me, of course, that I've done nothing to brighten up the premises in anticipation of the Christmas season.  But my neighbors are on the ball.


Shelly said...

The picture of the moon is beautiful and the second one is one of those accidentally on purpose ones that looks great!

Jim said...

Tripods are so helpful when shooting at night. Rule of thumb: if your shutter speed is below 1/60 sec, you'll get blurry results. Though the one where you moved the camera is pretty neat.

Vee said...

Sometimes those accidental pictures are the best.

Lin said...

Hey, you and I were both looking at the same moon last night. :) Doesn't that make the world seem small....or big? I dunno which--it's all perspective. Either way, it was lovely.

We don't have many lights turned on in the 'hood just yet. We have ours up, but to me it is just too early to turn them on and watch the meter spin all crazy-like.

Secondary Roads said...

Like our friend Shark, you've got the moon being held in place by a tree. I like the first one better too.

Anonymous said...

Happy accidents - the best.

vanilla said...

Shelly, I do occasionally get some fun results with the camera.

Jim, misplaced one tripod and lost a foot off the other. I'm hopeless.

Vee, it was a lucky accident.

Lin, it was a lovely moon, and perhaps it'll shine on us again tonight!

Chuck, I did frame that for a "tree prop" of the moon, but it almost amazing that you could see that.

Grace, "serendipity" is the word, I think.

Sharkbytes said...

Two fingers holding up the moon! I like the second one best too.

vanilla said...

Shark, I should have used a filter, but I am addicted to point-and-shoot.