Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, STSTT

The sun will rise today on the fourth anniversary of the birth of String Too Short to Tie.  Happy birthday, dear Blog.

I never imagined at its inception that this program would still be running four years later.  Oh, I have had "blocks."   The blogging has been placed on hiatus from time to time, but I always keep coming back.  "Hi, my name is vanilla, and I am a blogoholic."

As I have indicated on other occasions, I do this thing for my own amusement; but that is not to say that I am not gratified when another finds entertainment in the material I post.  I appreciate those who take time to read this thing, and I especially appreciate those who leave comments.  I make an honest effort to respond to those comments.

On October 15, I look back over the year and point to those posts that I think are my favorites for the year, in no particular order.
  1. Autumn in Black and White
  2. Snake!
  3. Family Friday 2
  4. King James Authorized Version
  5. And a three-part serial relating a hitch-hiking adventure in the Fifties.
           a.  Part 1  "A Journey Home-- The Road to Heber
           b.  Part 2  "A Journey Home-- Into the Middle of Nowhere"
           c.  Part 3  "A Journey Home-- Welcome Home"
"Chupacabra, Palm Rats and Roadrunners" was the most-read of the year, having well over 4400 hits. And it is all-time most-read post.  Most visitors were looking for "roadrunner."  :-)

"Pallies' Palaver" represents the true all-time highlight for the author of this blog, for it tells of vanilla's meeting with three of his favorite bloggers Lin, Sharkey, and Chuck.  I am looking forward to another reunion with these writers, and there are others whom I would very much like to meet in person.


Jim said...

Happy 4th birthday, STSTT!

Lin said...

I think our blogger meet-up was a highlight for me too. It's funny to "know" someone yet never meet them in person, isn't it? :)

Happy blog anniversary, pally! Here's to many more!

Vee said...

Happy Birthday, dear blog!

Secondary Roads said...

Happy blogaversary to STSTT. It has been a fun walk down this path through cyberspace. And the summer gathering of blog posters was a highlight for us denizens of Secondary Roads as well. Here's wishing you the best as you move into year five. Be blessed.

Grace said...

Happy Blogaversary...Always interesting stopping by here...

Shelly said...

Happy blog birthday!

vanilla said...

Jim, thanks!

Lin, who knew blogging would lead to such interesting acquaintances?

Vee, thank you, from the blog.

Chuck, thank you for the good wishes. That gathering was a wonderful outcome for the blogging experience.

Grace, I appreciate your visits here.

Shelly, thank you. Hope to be around a while longer.

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is part of my day. I really enjoy reading about your experiences and find that you have a great sense of humor.


vanilla said...

Bob, I appreciate your effort to read the blog and I thank you for your comments.

Sharkbytes said...

And I am very pleased that I met you too, both via your writing, and in person. I have a blogoversary coming up too. Next week.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, it has been a special year in blogging for me, and that trip to Michigan was a highlight. We'll need to celebrate your blog's birthday-- be sure to remind us.