Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Lake Property

In Monday's story of Pig and Duck the lake property figured prominently.  Here is a memory of days of yore and an update.  Many happy days were lived here.  We hope the current occupants are enjoying this beautiful spot.

Upper left:  As it was.  A bit of the redbud tree can be seen on the extreme left.
Upper right: Dock and lake.
Lower left:  As it is.  The redbud tree in the foreground is about the only thing that was not removed.

The next-door neighbors to the east bought our property and razed both their cottage and ours and replaced with this home.  The blue shed is neighbor to the west.  It is still where it was those many years ago.

Three dogs from long ago.


Secondary Roads said...

On the lake just over a mile west of here, folks have done similar things. They build monster houses on that lake. Why? I don't know.

vanilla said...

Chuck, a lot of that went on during the affluent first decade of the century. Why? to block the view and access to the lake of those less fortunate who live across the lane? I dunno.

Sharkbytes said...

I prefer the small lake cottages that were for "roughing" it at the lake. (Although I saw a lovely large summer home from about 1920 this week)

vanilla said...

Shark, I prefer cottage to mansion, but that's me.