Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, BBBH

I've gone light on the birthdays this year. Yet here is one that must be observed. The lady has attained a milestone in her journey.


On your seventy-fifth:  I love you, Baby.

You've come a long way, Little Jo.


Secondary Roads said...

Sylvia joins me in wishing your lady a very happy birthday. I'm sure you'll do your part to make it special for her.

Grace said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Lin said...

Happy Birthday, JoAnn, from the Duck and Wheel family!!

It was a joy to meet you in person this year. You are one fun lady! And so pretty too. :)

Vee said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely lady!

Sharkbytes said...

Go Jo! And how nice to have met you!

vanilla said...

Chuck, we both thank you. She had a good day.

Grace, thank you so much!

Lin, and it was our pleasure to meet you and Joe!

Vee, thanks. It went well today.

Sharkey, thank you. Glad we got to meet you as well.

John Cowart said...

Happy 55th!... Oh, never mind, I was looking at the photo not reading the text.

vanilla said...

John, BBBH says, "Aww, that's so sweet!"