Friday, September 28, 2012

Luncheon Guest

Planet Earth, Friday, September 28 -- BBBH and I  were having lunch close to noon, she seated to my immediate left with a vacant chair opposite each of us, as is our wont.
For no particular reason, I turned my head to peer out the window to my right.  Yet I never really looked out the window, for there on the chair back was an unexpected guest.  I turned back to speak to The Spouse regarding this turn of events, and she simultaneously spotted the invader.  EEEK! GET THAT THING OUT OF HERE!

"I wonder," I said, "how it found its way in here.  I need a picture of that."  So I went to get the camera while BBBH reiterated her demand.  The excuse for the resulting picture is that the object was severely back-lighted, and the flash served mostly to fade the vivid green color of the visitor.

I put the camera down and went to lift the green interloper gently from the chair when, as my fingers approached the beastie I distinctly heard "Whoa!  What do you think you are doing?"  "I intend to place you outside the house where you belong."  "What do you know about where I belong?  You don't know who you are messing with."  "Then," I said, "pray tell, Insect."

"Insect, indeed.  I am Indroid from beyond the Galaxy Andromeda.  We are analyzing the premises for suitability for habitation.  The others will arrive soon."

"I think you will find,"  I stated, as my fingers gently grasped the creature, "that the environs on the other side of yonder wall will be much better suited to your needs."  I opened the screen door and released my grip on Indroid.  Yet it hesitated to depart.  "Scoot," I demanded.  "Go away."

"You have been gentle and kind," remarked the creature, "and I can see that this place is much better suited to our needs.  Thank you."  And without further ado, it hopped from my fingers to a green stem nearby where it immediately blended into its surroundings to the point that had I not known where it was, I would have overlooked it.


Jim said...

You narrowly averted a full-scale hostile alien invasion with one act of gentle kindness. The whole planet thanks you.

Secondary Roads said...

A monstrous alien invasion averted by gentle words and kind actions.

Shelly said...

Ah, yes- they walk amongst us!

vanilla said...

Jim, I am here to serve and protect.

Chuck, if only diplomacy would defuse ugly situations in the real world.

Shelly, one never knows with whom he is dealing!

Vee said...

Maybe you should be speaking gentle words to those folks in the Middle East. Oh, someone has already tried that!

vanilla said...

Vee, no. Doesn't work with folk less reasonable than Indroid.

Sharkbytes said...

So glad this one was amenable to your suggestion and didn't bite your finger. I saw a really big one this week too.

vanilla said...

Snark, I have never been bitten by an
Indroid. Or a mantis for that matter.

vanilla said...

Sharkbytes, I am so sorry. Can't imagine what gremlin typed "Snark" but that would not be you.