Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And Ninety More Boxes

I was walking across the yard when I paused to get the picture of the chipmunk.  But I was on a specific mission, so I did not linger too long on the grass.

A few days ago I mentioned to someone that we had boxes in our barn that hadn't been opened since we moved in here twelve years ago. Shameful, I know. Anyway, with camera in hand I was headed to the barn to check into one or two of those boxes to see just what it was that we own.

 Approached some of the shelving.

 Removed a lid and looked into a box.

 And into another box.

 Took a closer look at some of the items.

 Hmmm.  Someone must be an HO modeler.

That would be BBBH, although the "1776" bicentennial engine is mine.
Clearly we have done nothing with this "hobby" since our marriage.

Amazing.  I wonder what else we have in that barn.  And in the garage.  And in the attic.  Oh, my.  It boggles the mind.
How are we like the chipmunk in the drainpipe?  We all store stuff.


Shelly said...

It looks like there are some treasures out there- will you all be taking up the model railroading again? Looks like fun~

Jim said...

Clearly, you need more stuff.

Anonymous said...

You don't have the trains set up? I love trains - I remember going to FAO Schwartz at Christmas time just to see the special holiday model train displays they had...Yes, I would elbow the little boys (and big boys) out of the way...Hey, girls like trains too.

vanilla said...

Shelly, the model railroading has been mentioned from time to time, but no action.

Jim, right. Gotta get shopping.

Grace, as I said, the trains belong to the spouse. I played with "O" gauge as a child, but I am still too clumsy for HO.

Secondary Roads said...

I "find" stuff that we moved here from Connecticut twelve years ago. Frequently, I wonder, "Why?" It did seem like a good idea at the time, but now . . .

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Sharkbytes said...

Did you know that I am a (temporarily on hiatus) HO model RRer? It's not a hobby for the poor, and my source of income that fueled the hobby went away. But if I ever can't walk, and am still functional it will be my playtime of choice.

vanilla said...

Shark, you will walk many more miles; but should you have to slow down, model railroading is a great pastime. May you have the necessary funds when/if that time comes!

John Cowart said...

At first glance, I thought you'd been taking photos of boxes at ny house.

On closer examination, I see that your boxes contain RR stuff; mine are filled with model ship stuff that I'd forgotten I owned.

Someday, I too will get around to unpacking... or not.

vanilla said...

John, I saw your ship in the bottle post. I have never seen that done; though of course I have seen the finished product on occasion.

Unpacking: Isn't it a blessing to put it off if you want?