Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome Home, Vanilla

We left the South six weeks prior to our planned departure. Beautiful has health issues which need attention, and we did not want to do that a thousand miles from home. So we hastened back. She is seeking help.

It was sunny when we got home; but the forecast was for 21 degrees that night. So I hustled around to get the rig winterized, *growl* and attempted to plug in the extension cord so I'd have 110 power. There is a patch of ice covered snow about six feet long and three feet wide across which I had to tread to get to the outlet. One step, feet above my head, and I landed on my back on top of the base to the fountain. Right kidney area. Pain. *sees stars* And it broad daylight. I am crying and boohooing.

There's more. While we were gone, the rabbits ravaged our yard, eating the bushes and even the bark on the apple tree as high as they could reach. Which was pretty high, given that they no doubt had great piles of snow on which to climb. And poop. Rabbit poop, thousands of marbles in brown, grey and black. Everywhere. Especially along the walk and in front of the main entry.

So, not only did I hurt, my jeans were covered with rabbit poop.
Well, the jeans are laundered, a good night's rest and the pain is gone, so all in all no disaster.

"Welcome home, Vanilla," I says to myself!

Top: Apple bark gone up to here.
Next: Rabbit poo everywhere.
Third: This was a full, lush evergreen, once.
Bottom: The ice-packed snow, the fountain, and of course, more poop.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your return home was met with such unpleasantness. I'm just glad that a good night's sleep was enough to shake off the effects of your fall!

Secondary Roads said...

Welcome home indeed.

Anonymous said...

Y'all need to take good care -

Rebecca Mecomber said...

OUCH! What an unpleasant welcome.

Rabbits and deer eat everything here, too. Alack. We start anew (literally) in spring!

vanilla said...

Jim, yeah, I guess my dignity suffered more than my body did. And no one even saw it happen.

Chuck, *sheepish grin*

Grace, why is it that some oldsters forget they're not youngsters anymore?

Rebecca, the deer for the most part find pleasant gleaning in the corn fields nearby, but the rabbits? Oh, my.

Lin said...

Oh NO! I hope you are okay. Don't worry about the plants right now--just take care of your honey AND yourself. Plants can be replaced.

I'm glad you are home where she can get the help she needs.

vanilla said...

Lin, I'm okay, and Jo is getting good medical attention. Thank you for thinking good thoughts for us.

Sharkbytes said...

Yes, I will share a tale of rabbits, one, bushes, zero come spring. Sorry for your less than stellar homecoming.

vanilla said...

Joan: Well, I did try to keep smiling!