Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Irish Celebrate, and So Do We All

(Please excuse the repost from a couple years ago. The creative juices have been sapped over the past several days. This is the best I can do.)
Today is St. Patrick's Day. In America, it seems to matter little whether or not one is of Irish descent. It is just assumed that this is a good holiday to be celebrated. And noisily, with gusto. There is so much information available about this holiday and its honoree that it would be redundant for me to post any of it here. Look it up. Have fun.

(Happy Birthday to granddaughter Tasha)


Anonymous said...

You might remember my take on holidays...But Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!

vanilla said...

Grace, I don't so much consider this a holiday; and yes, I remember your take on holidays. Thank you for the birthday wishes to the descendent.

Sharkbytes said...

I didn't pay any attention to it at all... I usually at least bake something... too busy today.

vanilla said...

Shark, I realize on this day after that I didn't pay much attention to it, either. And I certainly didn't bake anything. ;-)