Thursday, March 31, 2011

This, Too, Shall Pass

Yeah, pretty much like that.

Yet it is only the end of March. I have seen serious snowfall around here on April 17. Admittedly, that was many years ago, but with Indiana weather, anything is possible.

I love Indiana. Really, I do. The weather perhaps not so much; but then, it is doubtless the climate that gives us the beauty that is Hoosierland, and I guess the weather is a function of the climate. Or the climate is the cumulative total of the weather. Or something like one of those.

Truly, I complain much less about the weather as I age. Two reasons for this, I think. The first is that I am so grateful to the good Lord for granting me another day in which to live that I think it would be ungracious of me to whine about it. The second is that we have been blessed with the health and wherewithal to enable us to escape the winters by absquatulating to the South; and winter weather is the part I dislike most!


Vee said...

I love and still miss the beautiful Indiana gardens with the gorgeous flowers and shrubs.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

... "absqualitating" ?! :|

We got a hearty laugh out of that!

Snow is on the way here in New York... oh well, part and parcel of life. :)

Rebecca Mecomber said...

oops, spelt it rong. sheesh. FAIL.



Nice photo, by the way.

vanilla said...

Vee, every locale seems to have its own beauty. Thinking about putting in the annuals... oops, too early.

Rebecca, okay, we get the heck out of here! The snapshot did turn out better than I expected.

Lin said...

Snow in April is downright depressing. I'm hoping we don't get any.

How is your chicky doing??? You've been on my mind lately.

vanilla said...

Lin, you know how I feel about snow. Counts improving, feeling better, hoping for schedule of procedure soon. Thank you.

Secondary Roads said...

While you were experiencing that in Indiana, here in Michigan we were enjoying a sunny day. Doesn't happen that way very often. Nice thing about snow this time of year is that it doesn't linger for long.

vanilla said...

Chuck, never lasts long here, either. Now for the days when it doesn't show up at all!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

"absquatulating"- You are a versatile linguistactulationist!

vanilla said...

Shark, there is no way to trump that heptasyllabic linguistic phenomenon. You are amazing. ;-)