Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catch-all Drawers

Every kitchen, I have been told, has a "catch-all drawer." Though I doubt that everyone is as disorganized as all that, it certainly would have been true for our kitchen, except for the fact that we now have TWO catch-all drawers in our kitchen, given that the first one was full to overflowing long ago. The second one nears that point, and thus it will soon require that someone do something about that. The logical thing would be to dump the drawers, transfer most of the contents to the waste bin, and start over.

The main trouble with that is that every time we throw something out, two days later we want that very item. And this is true even if that item has not been used or even seen in several years. Why do we do this? There are three hardware stores within a mile of our house, and there are probably no items in the drawers that would cost more than seven dollars to replace, and most of them a buck or so.* Ooh, empty drawers! What a concept.

Yet the idea of empty drawers brings to mind this as well. BBBH frequently refers to the kitchen as a one-butt kitchen, which I have come to realize is her way of telling me to get out of it. She bemoans the fact that there is not enough storage space, there is not enough counter space, and so on. My suggestion that storage space could be better utilized if some of the items were, well, disposed of, is not well received. See previous paragraph in re what happens when something is discarded. Also, remind me to keep my mouth shut about the kitchen.

*Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

Happy Birthday, Anna!
Anna is youngest granddaughter. She is now a teenager!


Anonymous said...

We always called it the "junk drawer" and it was always in the china cabinet. Well, actually make that junk drawerS as the china cabinet has 2 of them (and yes, I still have the china cabinet that was always in my parents house, which had come from my Grandmother's house - she had found the item on the street some 100 years ago). But me, being a little OCD, am always rearranging the junk drawers - one drawer has useful junk, the other has "oh, what the hell put it in the junk drawer" junk.

vanilla said...

Grace, "junk drawer" is good; easier to say than is "catch-all drawer." I like the old cabinets; but ours do not have the family heritage story that yours has.

Marydon said...

G'day Vanilla ~ Anna is just gorgeous ... Happy Birthday to that beautiflu young lady.

Thank you for the prayers & wishes during my hubby's medical situation ... we are not out of the woods yet. What they have done has helped him, tho.

Have a beautiful eve ~

Sharkbytes said...

Who needs a drawer? I just use my whole house that way.

vanilla said...

Shark, (so do we, I fear) Shhh!

vanilla said...

Marydon, Anna is a great girl!
This business of caring for a spouse who is ill is hard for both parties. What would we do if it were not for the Lord holding our hands?