Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weird Produce, or

Pepper or Tomato?

These items grew in our yard this summer. From twelve o'clock clockwise: 12 pepper or tomato? 3 pepper or tomato? 6 pepper or tomato? 9 pepper or tomato? hub pepper or tomato?

Let's slice these juicy morsels open to reveal 12 tomato,roma 3 pepper, serrano. 6 tomato, early girl 9 pepper, serrano. hub tomato, golden weirdo. This creature looks like a pepper, cuts like a pepper, has interior flesh resembling a pepper, but it tastes like a tomato! We set one plant which has produced prolifically. We have often grown and enjoyed yellow tomatoes, but this one beats all for strange.


Vee said...

Yesterday at the farmer's market we got some delicious tomatoes like dad used to grow. They were grown in the Rocky Ford area. Took me down memory lane!

vanilla said...

Vee-- We've certainly enjoyed our Indiana grown tomatoes.