Friday, August 27, 2010


The hanging plant was in such prolific bloom that I took camera in hand to capture its beauty, well not on film, but you know, digitally. As I walked back toward the house, what should I espy but this ad hoc meeting of these reptilian minds.

BBBH, in a spurt of ambitious activity, cleared a mass of plants in this space that is inhabited by these turtles? tortoises? terrapins? whichever the case may be. Clearly they were meeting in conference to determine what steps to take to deal with the denuded territory, whether or where to relocate, as pickings here are now mighty slim indeed.
Myrtle has pulled in her head inasmuch as Herkimer and Fred have rebuked her severely for attempting to snarf up the only remaining flowers in the area. Herkie says, And by the way, Maggie, get off my back. And Fred, your guilty face looks as though you have already had more than your share of the goodies, so I think I'll just snap these up myself.
The debate went on as to whether to try for the front yard, or simply go around the corner to the south side of the house. The concensus seems to be leaning toward the south side, for the front yard is so far away that snow might fly before they get there.

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