Saturday, May 29, 2010

Unfriending the Grandkids

Has this happened to you? You receive a facebook friend request from a grandchild. You are so excited! Suzy or Bubba thinks enough of Grammy or Gramps to invite them into their space; so of course, you become friends.

Then the little imp's posts begin to appear on your page. It is not long before your embarrassment becomes just too much, so you "unfriend" the little snipe*.

I love you dearly, but your gutter-mind and rude language is just simply not going to appear before my other friends. You're clearly not ashamed of yourself, so I'll be ashamed for you. And yes, this hurts me more than it does you. Literally, for you won't care and yet I love you so much.

What is happening to our society is truly astonishing and heart-breaking.

*To date, this has happened only with adult grandchildren. I hope the younger ones do not follow in these footsteps.
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