Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunshine and Torte

This evening in Vienna, we walked the several blocks from our hotel to the famous Sacher Hotel. This with but one thing on our minds-- Sacher torte. It seemed that it was mandatory to enjoy this treat at ground zero. It was a memorable evening, notwithstanding that at the time we thought five bucks for a dessert and coffee was quite steep. Yet can one put a price on precious memories? Have some truly memorable experiences sometimes without counting the fiscal outlay.

After all the intervening years, the walk, the good company and the laughter are still remembered, and the taste of the confection still lingers in memory if not on the taste buds.


This beautiful Sunshine Award was given me by Sitka and Andrea. Woof, woof; and thank you. I find daily sunshine in your blogs!


Lin said...

Oh, you have to splurge every so often! Life is short--you need to enjoy. And that looks FABULOUS!!

vanilla said...

Right, Lin. Money is any good only if you spend it. And the cake was scrumpdillyicious!

Anonymous said...

The Germans sure know their torte!