Monday, May 3, 2010

How We Did the Race

I mentioned last week that we were planning an excursion on Saturday. The big reveal: it had to do with attending a Derby Party in Southern Indiana. Patty and Mark have hosted this annual event for thirty years, and I think I've missed only three times.
Thus disappointment settled here on Saturday morning as we realized we were not up to the drive, and the horrendous storms through which we would have had to drive clinched the deal. We stayed home.

We picture here the manner in which we attended the race. Do you see that somewhere between the breaking from the gate and the final turn I noticed that the lamp to my right was spoiling my pictures? The joys of amateur photography.

I have to say that I have watched numerous horse races on the tube, and the Kentucky Derby is doubtless the best. Not because of the horses or the race, but because as a people-watching venue it cannot be beat. The parade of the mob through the mud to the paddock will long be remembered; and the image of the round lady in the red dress, the mud boots and the humungous bonnet will be forever emblazoned in my memory. Along with others.

And then the interviews with the horsey set prove beyond doubt, if there ever was any doubt, that though we all share a planet, we don't all live in the same world.
Btw, had I bet on my "pick" to show, woulda won a bit of dough.Posted by Picasa


Andrea said...


Lin said...

Joe won $18 on a $2 bet! He's thinking he's so cool since he bet on that horse to win. Sigh. There's no living with him these days. :)

Vee said...

Sorry you couldn't be at the party!

vanilla said...

Andrea-- Thank you, and also to you.

Lin-- guess that's called "bragging righta." This too shall pass.

Vee-- I guess old people can't expect to do it all. Actually the weather was the biggest problem.

vanilla said...

"bragging rights"