Sunday, May 30, 2010

Still Lookin' Good

Today is a double-header! Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law Elvin. For one month and five days each year, we are the same age. Today begins that period of time. My eldest child shares her birthday with her Uncle Elvin; and in the distant days in which they made their respective debuts here in the USA, each was born on a holiday. Are you old enough to remember when Memorial Day was always on May 30? It's true, Believe it or Not. So until the family was spread far and wide across the nation, we had a triple-header on Memorial Day! Then the government fixed that. But the birthdays are still on the thirtieth.

Elvin is a loving and devoted husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. He is a highly-respected minister of the Gospel and has devoted his career to the preaching and teaching of the Word. He has represented his Lord Jesus Christ through singing, evangelistic preaching, pastoring congregations both small and large over the years, and as an administrator.

We love you Elvin. I am proud to call you Brother. Happy Birthday.
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Vee said...

I agree with everything you said in this post. I tried to help Elvin down the steps yesterday since he is now a 75-year-old, but he wouldn't let me do that.

vanilla said...

Vee, it is wonderful indeed, and certainly to Elvin's benefit that you agree with the things I wrote.

If you were here, I might let you help me down the steps.