Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things are Looking Up!

Temperature hit 90 at one-thirty this afternoon, and peaked at 91 at three o'clock. This is why we came to Texas!

Looking at the weather map suggests that warmth is spreading across the country, albeit along with rain (which we don't have). Awaiting your signal that Spring has returned to the Midwest. But I don't plan to leave here if I have to winterize the RV before we go.

Did not wear the jacket this afternoon! Also, I am not eight feet tall with a twenty-four inch inseam.


Silver said...

Thanks, David :) Renee has a beautiful spirit and she will be hard to forget! I have been so busy and even though i have thought of her often, i always imagined she was just busy doing her thing too.. y'know, spreading love and inspiring others.. When i received news in my comment box yesterday, my heart just ached. Like i'd lost someone so dear.. (well she is.. but that i had never even met her and yet, i could feel like this! Love does travel, doesn't it?)

Btw, this snap shot of you looks really cool. Did Mrs Vanilla took this? It looks great!

Secondary Roads said...

Signs of impending spring abound here in west Michigan. Official arrival slated for a week from Saturday. (Comes early this year.)

Wide angle lens?

Vee said...

Glad you are finally getting the warmth you desired. Happy for you!

vanilla said...

Silver: Yes, Mrs. Vanilla did take the picture, but--

Chuck: Standard point and shoot technology, however--
I tweaked the proportions digitally. Aren't computers wonderful? And no, one cannot believe what a picture tells him nowadays.

Vee: Thank you. Yes, we are enjoying this.

Lin said...

I would think it's too early to come back yet, Vanilla. We are sure to have at least one more snow, don't you think. All this warm is too good to be true.