Thursday, March 25, 2010

For Sister on Her Birthday

First and foremost, Happy Birthday.

I once said I would stop reminding you of the passage of years. I lied. Besides, we are now both at a point in our lives where the numbers only represent achievement! And yeah, I'll always be older than you.

The images show you in a [very] slightly younger stage of your life with your groom and the three generations of ancestors immediately preceding you.

We love you.

Born in a little house in a
little town in south-central
Nebraska. March 25


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to your sister!
Blessings, andrea

Vee said...

What a fantastic picture layout! Thanks to my big brother for remembering my birthday in such a special way.

And, yes, each year is an achievement and each day a blessing.

Secondary Roads said...

Happy Birthday Vee!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and may you have many more. You have achieved much permitting the rest of us to enjoy your accomplishments. Many thanks.

Lin said...

Happy Birthday, person I don't know! That is a lovely layout, Vanilla--that was a nice present to give your sister. :) Can I adopt you as my brother?? You'd have to be an older brother, of course--it's nice to be younger than someone these days.

vanilla said...

Andrea: Blessings to you, too.

Vee: It was the least I could do. Love you.

Chuck: Thanks.

Anon: Thank you, too.

Lin: Thanks. Sure, little sister. From a MUCH older brother.