Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Texans' Winter

It is pouring rain here in the semi-arid South Texas. We have had an abundance of rain here this winter, which I assume, and fervently hope, is good for the farmers. Because it leaves a lot to be desired so far as Winter Texan activities are concerned. This winter has been so different from the past several that, were it not for the snow and cold, I would almost wish us home. And here's the kicker. We extolled the virtues of winter life in South Texas so loudly and fervently while at home that seven couples who usually wintered in Florida chose to come to Texas instead. On our recommendation, don't forget. Talked to one of them yesterday who said, "not liking Texas so much," and I could only point out that 1) I can't control the weather, and 2) IT IS JUST AS BAD IN FLORIDA THIS YEAR!

And I am still delighted to be where the snow is not. And I still have sufficient grasp of rudimentary arithmetic to understand that the difference between a temperature of 42 and temperature of zero is significant. (It is the difference between a sweatshirt and a down parka.)

Since we are in Texas, we would be particularly remiss if we did not mention that on this date in 1836 began the defense of the Alamo, 13 days of courage, daring, and belief in a cause greater than the self.


Andrea said...

We love the snow, but NOT the ice. Right now, I/we are enjoying visiting the coast of NC where it is a warm 45-50 degrees in the heat of the day. We live in Virginia and have received more snow than ever this year. It is awesome to experience snow and the beach within a months time.
Hugs, andrea

Lin said...

I think I would like to see rain instead of snow right about now, Vanilla. I like the smell of rain.

vanilla said...

Andrea, isn't the seashore a wonderful part of our beautiful world!

Lin, we know that there has been way too much snow in the Midwest this winter. Hope spring arrives soon-- after all, we can't stay in Texas forever. Can we?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder what the boys at the ALAMO would say about our lax border and immigration policys


vanilla said...

Bob, I also wonder. And I wonder how many there are now who would stand with Travis, Bowie, Crockett, et al.